Have not been writing much, and, as a result, my syntax feels foreign, my words off.  So, I’ll write this as one does a letter to an old friend. For what more could one wish  ## The above was published inadvertently – a draft from last night left open in the wordpress app. And, having … Continue reading Edited

Draft #4

I’ve saved three drafts tonight, and dodged I don’t know how many personal bullets.  I wonder how many writers let their unconscious script their writing, and thus their lives? For me, by draft three I knew these were conversations – or, rather, drafts – to share with her.  And I’m sure we will learn something … Continue reading Draft #4


Sometimes, I need to let the world burn – She said ‘You smell like ashes’ – so I let the akashic records sink in And in this sink we are swimming in, I hope sea level turns on solid gears like the bezel we live in Because time is no straight line It’s a flat … Continue reading Nosense