Some Guidelines.

1. Work. ‘You want the jets, the bling – work.’ – Gary V. Wine Library TV

2. Forget about the future. ‘If I’m focusing on then, my mind isn’t on now – and once we get there – then is now. So F$% now till we get there.’ – L. Wayne

3. Build relationships. It isn’t about having 1k twitter followers, but interacting in a valuable and meaningful way. BE RELEVANT.

4. Let go. (insert Zen Wayne Dyer quote here.)


My Creed

Be. Do. Have.

Be confident and unselfconscious. Be sincere and kind. Be modest. Be compassionate. Be effortless and relaxed. Be consistent in public and private. Be mature. Be passionate. Be brave. Be all the things that are so much rarer.

Earn it by living well. Feed your mind, body, and spirit. Keep your commitments. Look ahead and cultivate relationships. Have good taste and do interesting things. Have ‘generosity of spirit.’

Have a good time and don’t bother with people you don’t think well of. Treat people with respect and don’t take shit from anybody.

{originally written on 05/15/2008}

Hustle is The Most Important Word. Ever.

I watch this video regularly for REAL motivation. Gary is from the east coast and is very direct – some adult language, but in a professional setting and context. This video is fire. Highlights:

“Hustle is the most important word. Ever!”

“Guys, we’re building businesses here, this isn’t about parties.”

‘Listen to your users, absolutely, but giving a s#it about your users is way better’

“You want bling bling, if you want to buy the jets, if you want to do s#it – work. That’s all I have to say.”