Eckhard Tolle is Full of Shit

It’s not about not thinking. No ego. It’s about perceiving your thoughts and ego as part of the outer world, which you experience internally. This is the antithesis of Eckhart Tolle and the thesis of Alan Watts.

Author: Lawrence Black

Lawrence Black is a writer and poet, living in the mountains outside LA. Follow on IG @wolfwaldoblack

4 thoughts on “Eckhard Tolle is Full of Shit”

  1. Incidentally, I am reading The Power of Now and enjoying it. But again, there is no one school of thought that has all the answers; although, I enjoy Tolle’s view of enlightenment as something we can step into. However, as far as the ego goes, I like Matt Kahn’s view that “confidence is an aspect of the soul”.


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