About Me

I’m a California kid who grew up wild at the beach. The 1996 spelling bee champion. I am a host of paradoxes.

I’ve lived a lot for my thirty-two years. Bookworm. Skater kid. Music sponge. Navy recruit. Entrepreneur. Broken-hearted bartender.

Over the last eight years I’ve lived in a handful of cities, mainly on the west coast, in and out of love, following my general folly, supporting myself as a freelance full stack developer.

I currently live this waking dream in the mountains, where I’m writing, reading, and – for once – staying out of trouble. Cleaning my act up, even.

It’s a wonderful thing to live and grow – to learn to participate “joyfully in the sorrows of the world” (Thank you Joseph Campbell).

I have a lot of ‘spiritual grandparents’, a lot of smart people whose books made their way into my library. But ultimately I am not the product of the books I’ve read – I’m me. And I enjoy thinking for myself, contributing to the history of ideas.

I see myself as a man between time. A bridge between the past and the future; a writer and many more things…

Time will tell. But what I’ve learned is that I’m a fortunate person – lucky to live in my head, a place where I’ve been to hell and back (Although, I’m pretty sure I’ve had to have these experiences to get here!). The difference now is that now I’m creating the experiences I need for the future I want 15 years from now.

We are living in incredible times; we’ve all seen things we never imagined (ex: the internet) and we will see many more in the coming decades.

And although the world is still fucked up for lots of people (See: North Korea), it’s getting better.

We are advancing exponentially on the future away from a very long past.

I believe in the “age of abundance”. I believe in the technologies that will make it possible. And I believe in the human heart’s ability to get us there.

I hope you’ll follow me as we take this collective journey together.

Lawrence Black, Mar, 2018,  mountains.




If you really want to help this world, what you will need to teach is how to live in it. Joseph Campbell


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