About Lawrence Black

I began writing here 8 years ago with the idea that my someday kids would need it; ironically, it was me: I needed it.

As a result of my writing, I’ve grown from a naive, lost boy of twenty-four, to someone who knows himself and knows what he is (And isn’t). That said, I am a writer.

I believe in books. I believe in freethinking. And I believe in using my humanity as a means to create change in others.

When I am not writing (The other 21 hours a day), I work as a front-end web developer, which allows me the freedom to work remotely and write daily (Novella on the way).

While the wanderlust of my twenties led me to six cities in about as many years (San Diego, Scottsdale, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Milwaukee, LA), today I split my time between LA and the San Bernardino Mountains.

With me on this journey are my girlfriend Sarah, AKA Kitty B, AKA Paige Turner, et al., and our two Jack Russel Terriers, Felix and Sophie. It’s a beautiful, humble life I have.

I simply couldn’t ask for more than the opportunity to write. This is my mission in life: I want to give my readers what my favorite writers have given me, which is simply the ability to ask, who am I, and what might I become?

And this, my dear reader, is a question no one but you can answer.

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Lawrence Black, Feb 2017

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If you really want to help this world, what you will need to teach is how to live in it. Joseph Campbell


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